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SWIFT: poems on gardens, mountains and travel

LAST DOCTOR OUT OF BIAFRA: war zone journal of Dr Ann Jackson

GUILT AND FORGIVENESS in thought and personality of Paul Ricoeur

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New book on Paul Ricoeur

Dr Robert Gillies has just written GUILT AND FORGIVENESS, a Study in the Thought and Personality of Paul Ricoeur.   £14.50

Available from the author,

Two new titles

RAISING ADAM Why Jesus descended into hell

An important and unusual topic, by Gerrit Dawson £10


A new book of poetry, Bible introduction and conversation by the editor.

Published by Sacristy Press but available from Handsel on request, £10



“A thoughtful engagement of the reader in courteous conversation . . .”  (Owen Dudley Edwards)

“A calm but insistent voice . . . no surrender”  Joy Hendry

“At times her poetry approaches a lyric intensity where things of the natural world reach beyond themselves . . .” (Henry Marsh)

Rosemary Hector’s new booklet is available from the Sanctus Media bookshop, here

What’s New

SWIFT, our latest Poetry Booklet, by Jock Stein. The author is a poet, piper and preacher from East Lothian, and currently convener of Tyne and Esk Writers. In contrast to his first book of poems, which touched on politics and economics, these poems are about gardens, mountains and travel. Russell Jones enthuses:

“Jock Stein’s poems gleefully build their own music, whispering melodies as you explore woodlands and mountains, trains and traffic jams . . .”

Available from at £5, or

LAST DOCTOR OUT OF BIAFRA, edited by Joanna and Will Storrar. It contains the journal notes of Dr Ann Jackson, who was the last doctor to fly out of Biafra after serving there throughout the terrible Nigerian Civil War. It is a very moving documentary of tragedy, and testimony of service from a retired missionary now 80 years old – a story that has never been told before, since all the reporters waiting for her at Heathrow Airport on her return in 1970 did not recognise the demure woman in a summer dress who slipped through and off to Glasgow.

£15 from

GUILT AND FORGIVENESS: A Study in the Thought and Personality of Paul Ricoeur, by Robert Gillies, former Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, Available at £14.95 from

RAISING ADAM: Why Jesus Descended into Hell – a new book by Gerrit Dawson, available at £7 + postage from

FINDING MY WAY by Tomas Bisek is the story of a Czech dissident and minister. Available on Amazon or from

edited by Todd Speidell and Adam Nigh
Collected Studies on T F Torrance, volume 2, available from – ask him for price, £10-15

Many older Handsel Books are now available on line through at a reduced price!
by Frank Bardgett £10 by post

Copies available from the author,

by John Coutts £10

Copies available from the author at

Marvellously Made

      The Bible and the Human Body, by Jim Parratt FRCPath, FRSE.

Professor Parratt is a physiologist who has spent his working life in heart research in Nigeria, Scotland and Hungary. This is a fascinating little book about the human body and how the Bible talks about our different parts.

“A brilliant and unique little book . . .” John Spence, former vice-principal of the University of Strathclyde.

£7.50 from the author at 10 St Germains, Bearsden, Glasgow G61 2RS, or>

I’ll Sing On

The Story of Catriona Maclean Mackinnon, by Gilbert McKinnon

Catriona Maclean graduated in voice, harp and piano from what is now the Scottish Conservatoire. This is the story of her passion for music and her search for truth that would carry her through her struggles with life-threatening illness and with how she saw the cultural implications of her faith. The book is available from and by email


COMMENTARY, a booklet of prophetic poems on social and political issues, by Jock Stein, £5 from Sanctus Media 01506 827217

MIND’S EYE, a coffee table book of paintings by Kate Philp, is still great Christmas present!

The CHINESE EDITION of A PASSION FOR CHRIST is now published and available from

LIVING IN BABYLON, a book by Clifford and Monica Hill on the 6th c BC exile in Babylon and its relevance for today. Contact

FINDING MY WAY by Tomas Bisek is the story of a Czech dissident and minister. Available on Amazon or from

WORDS THOUGHT AND SAID, a book of prayers and reflections by Bill McDonald, is available from (as are many old Handsel Press titles).

Jock Stein is continuing to edit the three “Collected Studies” of the work of Thomas F Torrance. His own Volume One on GOSPEL, CHURCH AND MINISTRY” was published by Wipf and Stock in 2012, Volume Two on DIVINE INTERPRETATION will come out in 2017 (edited by Adam Nigh and Todd Speidell) and Volume Three (edited by Bob Walker) after that.

EMBRACING TRUTH has now sold out, but will continue to be available as a Kindle download.