The Handsel Press was founded in 1976 to publish high quality academic and more popular books relating Christian faith to other fields of study, and to the arts. The Press also publishes a number of biographies and commentaries at an affordable price. For the latest book, ‘Commentary’, click on the page above.

The company chairman is Fergus Macdonald, formerly General Secretary of the United Bible Societies. The editor is the Revd Jock Stein.

jockYou can contact Handsel Press by clicking here.

The Press works in association with the Handsel Trust.

Most titles are available from Sanctus Media, one of the mission and service arms of St Andrews Church, Bo’ness in central Scotland. www.sanctusmedia.com/shop/books.html

For ‘Quest of Celtic Christianity’ and ‘Art of Listening’, contact custserv@turpin-distribution.com in UK or orders@isbs.com in USA. For newest titles contact Handsel Press.